Line of the luminaries HERMIS is created for replacement of traditional light sources or for the low bay applications. Thanks to the construction principles of gasket, closing system and diffuser our LED fixtures ensure a high grade of protection (IP 65) against dust, contamination and water permeation. In accordance with their IP grade they can be widely used to illuminate spaces with dusty, humid environment. Diffuser with extremely high light efficiency through high light permeability, unique on the market, (up to 93% light transmissivity), an excellent light uniformity through well-balanced light dispersing (no shadows), elimination of the dazzling effect (no glaring), aesthetical appearance (no dots of the single LEDs), keeping the usual, well known features of the diffuser such as chemical and heat resistance, mechanical features, UV-stabilization etc. Housing is made of flame retardant glass-fibre reinforced polyester (on request suitable for 850°C glow wire test too), in light grey (RAL7035) colour. Glass-fibre reinforced polyester has very good temperature resistance, mechanical stability, furthermore it is a good electrical insulator, it resists the impacts of several chemicals and the impacts of weather conditions. Its stability of size and shape at changing temperatures is excellent. Parking places, warehouses, terminals, industrial refrigerators, shops, shops on processing, the furniture industry, car-care centers  – most frequently used applications.


Article no.
  Article No Title                                                                              W Lm Lm / W Louvre CCT(k) Kg (Netto) Kg (Brutto)
S111001 HERMIS 136 PMMA 830 IP65 5002Lm 40W, I-1200 3000K 40 5002 125 PC3 3000 1,95 2,05
S111002 HERMIS 136 PMMA 840 IP65 5307Lm 40W, I-1200 4000K 40 5307 133 PC3 4000 1,95 2,05
S111003 HERMIS 136 PMMA 850 IP65 5377Lm 40W, I-1200 5000K 40 5377 134 PC3 5000 1,95 2,05
S111007 HERMIS 158 PMMA 830 IP65 5241Lm 40W, I-1500 3000K 40 5241 131 PC3 3000 1,95 2,05
S111008 HERMIS 158 PMMA 840 IP65 5565Lm 40W, I-1500 4000K 40 5565 139 PC3 4000 2,35 2,45
S111009 HERMIS 158 PMMA 850 IP65 5615Lm 40W, I-1500 5000K 40 5615 140 PC3 5000 2,35 2,45
S111010 HERMIS 158 PMMA 830 IP65 7323Lm 60W, I-1500 3000K 60 7323 122 PC3 3000 2,35 2,45
S111011 HERMIS 158 PMMA 840 IP65 7754Lm 60W, I-1500 4000K 60 7754 129 PC3 4000 2,35 2,45
S111012 HERMIS 158 PMMA 850 IP65 7893Lm 60W, I-1500 5000K 60 7893 132 PC3 5000 2,35 2,45


 Light source
Mid power LEDs

Light color

Color Rendering Index
Ra > 80

Power consumption 
40 W, 60W

 Helvar - 230V

Optical cover

Protection Classes
Class II

Light gray (RAL7035)

Operating temperature
- 15 °C ≤ Ta ≤ + 35 °C

L70 > 60000 h (Ts = 85°C),
L70B10 - 80000 h

Optical module sealed for life
Bracket for suspended mounting

Luminaries are ready to install

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